For string quartet

  • Shihuahua Express 2011 – single movement
  • Untsiki – for The Bow Project
  • Ntwazana – for The Bow Project
  • String Quartet – in four movements

For solo piano

  • Thinking of the Clavichord
  • My Daughter spoke of Owls
  • 2-Minute Noodles

For violin and piano

  • Yet Another Look

For viola and piano

  • Zimnastics for Gentlefolk

For violincello and piano

  • Elegy: 24 Maraisburg

For violin and harp

  • Mkhize’s 50th
  • Koalabearhugging hats

For clarinet in A and violincello

  •  The Game Reserve Effect

For clarinets (basset horn, basset clarinet and clarinet in b-flat) and string quartet:

  • Clarinet Quintet in three movements (Ferrante, Damocles and Baby Clarino)

For flute and piano

  • Sarabande- For the Days of The Sundog

For alto flute, piano, marimba and double bass

  • Skelmbos

For wind quintet

  • Wind Quintet – in three short movements

For 2 tubas and drumkit

  • Der Blasende Hollander

For 2 tubas, drumkit, piano and string quartet

  • kometgruppen

For 2 tubas, piano and 2 percussionists

  • The Pilgrim

For 2 tubas, 6 tenor trombones and 3 bass trombones

  • The Breakfast Song

For voice and 6 clarinets, percussion, timpani, harp and strings

  • Trackways – a song-setting by Nils Aslak Valkeapää

For violincello and double bass

  • Suite of 5 Duets

For orchestra and piano

  • Halogram

For vibraphone and marimba

  • Victoria-West

For flute and string orchestra

  • Nightjar breaks

Triple concerto for violin, trumpet, piano and string orchestra

  • Nachtroep